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Hello! This is a blog, mostly, dedicated to Yuri! There will be posts ( Or reblogs ) of Yuri, but, other things as well. Just shit that makes me laugh or that.. I dunno. Just random shit. K, well, enjoy~!

Compiled Memories- Directed by Mike Inel

Three masterpiece indie horror RPGs, re-imagined into an anime.”

I happened to come across this on youtube and fell in love with it immediately. It looks amazing. The detail, the art, everything. It’s a shame that I couldn’t show every scene ( Seeing as how Tumblr only allows ten pictures )

According to the video, the volume 1 DVD will be coming out April 31, 2015. Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to buy it by then! I can’t wait!

( P.S. The second volume will have Misao, Ao Oni, and April Fools )